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Who can take out private insurance?

Who can take out private insurance?

1. PHI is any health issues with the application. Generally, only people who are not believed seriously ill.
In some cases, is also a health examination. The older the applicant is, the more often a medical examination carried out.
With the health issues it is important to answer all correctly, otherwise the contract can be undone.

2. The following individuals or professional groups can always private health insurers

Self-employed (except for master craftsmen and artists)
Freelancers (except master craftsmen and artists)
Professional Doctors
Professional Dentists
Freelance Veterinarians
Professional Therapy

3. Employees can take out insurance when they reach a certain income limit. The following rules apply:

- The employee must be 4 years are above the specified income limit.
- Apply the last 3 years. In addition, the employer must confirm that the employee in that year also exceeds the income limit.

Current income limits (gross annual salary):
2006: 47250th - EUR
2007: 47700th - EUR
2008: 48150th - EUR
2009: 48600th - EUR

Example: If you are in this year (2009) private health insurance do you need to have in the respective years (2006-2008) earned more than the specified income limit.
You also need a confirmation from the employer that you are probably in the year 2009, more than 48600th - will earn gross.

If you can insure themselves privately and then you should make an insurance comparison conclusion.
The insurance may make private health insurance comparison here.

Special features: The new base rate has no membership criteria, if you're a new customer. Anyone can go to the basic rate of private health insurance.
The following have already privately insured may change in the basic fare:
- Decreased from age 55 years, has for 10 years, private insurance, income is below the income limit.
- Age 65 years, has for 10 years, privately insured.

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