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Health Insurance

thumb_private_krankenversicherung_vergleich A Health Insurance is recommended before the health insurance. On the Internet there are many simple ways to compare the different rates. If you make a health insurance comparison, you should definitely pay attention daruaf that the provider of the comparison is legitimate. You should read it enriches and evaluations on the Internet through the provider.

Private Health Insurance

thumb_private_krankenversicherung Before the completion of a private health insurance should be advised not recently. In addition, we make a Private Health Insurance on the web. Many providers offer this comparison to private health insurance for free. The comparison free of charge and without obligation your personal information and choose the services that are important to you. Once you start entering the data of the Private Health Insurance.

Health insurance contribution

thumb_krankenkasse-contributory The health insurance contribution in gestzlichen health insurance is calculated on the gross income of the employee. The current contribution rate of 14.9%. Of these, 7% paid by the employer and 7.9% of the employee. There is an income threshold which is at 3750 € per month.

Private Health Insurance Test

thumb_Private-insurance-in-Test No matter if you are already covered by private think about it privately to assure the quality of the policy is relevant. Thus, one should always compare different patients and private health insurance rates. The health insurance company for which you ultimately decide should promise not only high performance but also in private health insurance test did well. Whether choosing one company that is indeed the case can be defined in different ways.

PKV comparison

thumb_pkv-on-year All insurance companies offer different rates with different ranges. From the entry rate, which is almost identical to those paid in the statutory health insurance until the premium rates contained in the many benefits.

Health Insurance Test

thumb_test Health Insurance Everyone needs you and it annoys everyone to deal with you - health insurance. There is no getting past it to confront the same applies to his health and protection. Many give up quickly because the tariff jungle and the plethora of insurance companies quickly overwhelmed. It raises the question of whether privately or publicly insured and what the scope is. In addition several different insurance companies come from the direct insurer on individual funds and fund associations. Clear that for such a confusion of the ideal rate for the ideal society can not be found quickly. To get a first impression helps to provide a health insurance review.

PKV test

thumb_pkv-test The private health insurance is often criticized. This is due to the fact that only self-employed, professionals, civil servants and workers with an income of more than 48 600 € to private insurers. Second, any private health insurance will first examine the health of the insurance buyers.


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