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Student Health Insurance

thumb_krankenversicherung_studenten Admission to the program often features a new life. The extract in the first home brings a wealth of new contracts with them. In addition to the lease and various other contracts, is now offered the opportunity to be a student self-insure. Such a small contribution as a student, you pay no more in his life.

Children's Health Insurance

thumb_kinder Health Insurance One of the most important points to consider when financial statements are to be considered a private health insurance, it is the subject of children.
The statutory health insurance your children are covered. In a private health insurance, you must insure your own children. This can be very expensive. Per child, you can add a premium payment of EUR 60, - EUR count - to 100.

PKV base fare

thumb_pkv-base collective Usually when you have to take out private health insurance to answer various health issues. In some societies it is also encouraged to consult a doctor if the blood and liver values checked and reports back that the insurance company.

Health Insurance for Foreigners

thumb_krankenversicherung-auslaender Also available for those who do not have a German passport is a compulsory health insurance in Germany! Each one's activities to Germany and is below the income threshold from € 49 950 is covered by statutory health insurance.


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