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Health insurance

health insurance Health insurance

Supplemental health insurance is the ideal opportunity to increase its health insurance coverage. The advantage of such insurance is mainly that only those services also be protected which are important for oneself and be a benefit.

Essentially, there are two types of health insurance. First, there is such insurance as a supplement to the statutory health insurance, the other as a supplement to private health insurance. Many have taken on the basis of the existing disease a chance to be in private health insurance. For example, people with heart disease and other chronic diseases. If access to private health insurance denied on the basis of which, nevertheless, there is still the opportunity to secure individual health areas separately. The most common example of a supplementary health insurance is to secure the dental health. A separate insurance policy taken out then pay the additional services is limited in this area. Thus, the plastic filling can be just as protected as a high-quality implant instead of a denture. However, not only for legally insured health insurance makes a sense. Since the rise in private health insurance with the scope explosively the monthly premiums, it's often a private health insurance plan with limited power to complete. Only those points which are an even more important, then covers it with an additional insurance.

PHI additional As an example, a young self-employed is one example. The objective is a small monthly fee. Therefore you ever been to dispense with the Chief Medical treatment or a single room in the hospital. If you suffer a serious accident, one would not be without a cure. There may now be advisable for some € per month, a complete health insurance, which shall in case of damage cure expenses. By a clever combination of a traditional private health insurance and health insurance can thus save money without losing any of important services for a person.

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