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Children's Health Insurance

PKV-child One of the most important points to consider when financial statements are to be considered a private health insurance, it is the subject of children.
The statutory health insurance your children are covered. In a private health insurance, you must insure your own children. This can be very expensive. Per child, you can add a premium payment of EUR 60, - EUR count - to 100.

In addition, you can not freely decide which parent the children covered. If one parent is insured privately and by law a parent, then usually one for coverage of the child deserves better. And that is usually provided by the privately insured.

children's health insurance Exception: If the privately insured is self-employed and his income is below the threshold for compulsory insurance, then the children can be insured in the compulsory insurance of the spouse.

So if you have children, you should calculate in advance whether you must pay a private health insurance for you.
EUR to 400 - - With 4 children per month come 240th EUR in additional cost to you!

A small decision support offers this insurance comparison.

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