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Private health insurance

private health insurance How does private health insurance?

The private health insurance is contrary to the statutory health insurance is not to stop making any profits. There is no load balancing takes place between the individual health insurance. PKV insurance companies often offer private health insurance in addition to a number of other insurance companies. The goal of a private health insurance is to make profits and to operate. This is also the reason why can not anyone become a member. The fact that the insurance itself selects its members, can offer better services at cheaper rates. This benefits all persons insured in the private health insurance. Bottom line is that private health insurance is recommended so all young and healthy as can be saved, especially in the area of health much money.

How does a doctor from?

private insurance Surely you are already once been to a doctor. If you have never been in the statutory health insurance, you know the routine. Show your insurance card, this is read, wait in the waiting room to be called and go to the doctor in the consulting room to be treated. In principle, it also changes a lot if you are not insured in private health insurance. The difference lies in the details. Proceed as usual to the doctor and have to show a health insurance card to be shown as a private patient. The remaining steps are the same. As a private patient, you get however your doctor immediately an invoice for the services rendered by the physician. This bill, you pay yourself first then send the bill to your private health insurance and get the invoice amount refunded.

The history of private health insurance

Private health insurance is not a new model. Due to the massive advertising that is done in private health insurance currently, but this brings to the fore and is a subject of which everyone has a little idea. Most of it is but common table talk or clever marketing resourceful insurance brokers. Already more than 100 years, it was recognized that in cases of illness immediate help to the sick back into a workable state. In Germany, Bismarck is considered the founder of modern health insurance. This was mainly created for workers of the lower class to get productivity up. Many citizens were not able to insure a health insurance company and so they created the first models of a private health insurance. Today, the private health insurance is naturally to our health care system in Germany and, through higher fees for many doctors existence.

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