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Health Insurance
Voluntary health insurance
thumb_freiwillige Health Insurance They are freelancers, self-employed, student or earn more than the income threshold? In this case, you're lucky to be spoiled for choice. Close off a voluntary health insurance in the statutory health insurance or go but the way in which private health insurance?
Health insurance

thumb_krankenzusatzversicherung Supplemental health insurance is the ideal opportunity to increase its health insurance coverage. The advantage of such insurance is mainly that only those services also be protected which are important for oneself and be a benefit.

Private health insurance

thumb_private Health Insurance The private health insurance is contrary to the statutory health insurance is not to stop making any profits. There is no load balancing takes place between the individual health insurance.


thumb_pkv PHI is the abbreviation for private health insurance. In Germany you can not complete any private health insurance. Whether you can take out private health insurance you can find under the heading "Who can take out private insurance."

Statutory health insurance
thumb_gesetzliche Health Insurance The statutory health insurance in Germany is the rule. All employees with an annual income of less than € 48 000 are covered by statutory health insurance. We are confident that the possibility not at all in the private health insurance change.
Health Insurance

thumb_krankenversicherung Welcome to the page health insurance Germany!
We have set ourselves the goal to advise you professionally and independently of any health insurance options. Every day we provide you here the latest information on the subject of health insurance. We offer online insurance comparison and to help you, for you to find suitable and cost-effective solution.

Citizens Insurance

thumb_buergerversicherung If the citizens' insurance?

Again and again, the insurance policy on a Citizens spoken.
The idea is that people pay all the same insurance premium and then no private health insurance in the modern sense anymore.


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