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PKV-go How can I take out private health insurance insurance?

First, you can inquire directly with the insurance companies and conclude there private health insurance.

Since you own but can be difficult to compare policies and benefits, the final worth of a broker. There are 3 different types of private health insurance brokers. First, insurance brokers offering only bound tariffs by an insurance company. This often means that you can not find the best fare for themselves. The 2nd Agents category compares the rates of some selected insurance companies. The best agents are trying to compare all the tariffs of the insurance market. Having received a commission for each insurance private health insurance accounts and that this commission is determined by the amount of the contract sum, it is advisable to carry out several private health insurance comparisons. As in all industries where there is a lot of money, there are also in the market for private health insurance, many black sheep.

How much does a private health insurance?

The cost of private health insurance are very different. Introductory prices are available starting at 59 euros for employees and about 110 euros for self-employed. Since employees of the employer zuzahlt half, it is advisable to choose a tariff with a low deductible. A single fare is then at 300-500 € of which the insured half, so you have to pay 150-250 €. Rates with premium services such as individual rooms at the hospital, chief physician and acquisition of Spa costs are more expensive. Here soon 700-1000 € monthly contribution is due. But even then the employers account for up to € 262.50. The result is a high-quality insurance protection for a relatively low own contribution. Even in the statutory health insurance, employees need large contributions from several hundred euros a month pay.

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