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Voluntary health insurance

PHI voluntarily Voluntary health insurance

They are freelancers, self-employed, student or earn more than the income threshold? In this case, you're lucky to be spoiled for choice. Close off a voluntary health insurance in the statutory health insurance or go but the way in which private health insurance?

In choosing whether SHI or PHI play a number of factors. As a young self-employed you must keep at all costs, monthly costs as low as possible. In the statutory health insurance, there are mandatory sentences you have to pay a self-employed regardless of income. The higher their income, the higher the contribution. As an unmarried self employed without serious pre-existing conditions, therefore, makes a voluntary health insurance in the statutory health insurance often does not make sense. It's worth a private medical insurance. With the same benefits as in the statutory health insurance you are insured in the private already from 100 € to 600 € monthly fee charge.

voluntary health insurance

The situation is already out there for freelancers, employees, students and families. Who has reached a certain age, or who suffer pre-existing conditions will pay in private health insurance high posts. The completion of a voluntary health insurance in the statutory health insurance is worthwhile here sooner. As co-insured in the statutory health insurance for your children with their parents, families and couples wanting a child of the private health insurance is advisable. The cost per child in private health insurance are usually up at 150 €. Thus, this additional review a possible savings eats entirely on contributions from the parents. So it's worth a voluntary health insurance even if you must then do without additional services such as the chief medical treatment. Moreover, many of the additional benefits of private health insurance are covered by supplementary insurance for health insurance, so no need not necessarily on this added value should be.

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