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Citizens Insurance

citizens insurance If the citizens' insurance?

Again and again, the insurance policy on a Citizens spoken.
The idea is that people pay all the same insurance premium and then no private health insurance in the modern sense anymore.

It would be possible only private supplementary insurance, which then covers in addition to the statutory insurance other risks, such as dentures, single or head physician at the hospital treatment.

Until now, it is often the case that people who make good and healthy change in the PHI.
This money is missing the statutory health insurance, because especially in these policyholders can earn much money.
bourgeois insurance A citizens' insurance would definitely be a fair thing. There would be no two-class society in the medical treatment and any more would have to bear the same costs.

If the citizens' insurance should be introduced, then this can also be insured for private advantage.
One of the biggest problems with a private health insurance contributions are rising with age.
This risk deters many potential customers of the insurer.

But one can speculate on a future citizen insurance:
If you are quite young, then the private health insurance contributions are relatively small. If you earn well and pay a lot of contributions to the statutory health insurance, then you can probably save quite a lot of money. For example if you currently EUR 2000 .- could save per year, then you should do that. For it is not unlikely that at some point a form of citizen insurance is introduced. If this is the case, should you have exhausted all possible benefits.

Suppose the citizens' insurance comes is 10 years. Then you would save much money in those 10 years (In the above example, 20000th - EUR). After the introduction of a citizens' insurance, the problem would be solved with the high costs in old age.

Bottom line: If you currently can save money and future development is not clear, then you should save as much as possible.
The best course would be if the money saved will cover in whole or in part.

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