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Health insurance contribution

Health insurance contribution The health insurance contribution in gestzlichen health insurance is calculated on the gross income of the employee. The current contribution rate of 14.9%. Of these, 7% paid by the employer and 7.9% of the employee. There is an income threshold which is at 3750 € per month. EUR used, even if the insured person earns more - in the calculation of the health insurance contribution will only 3750th. In 2010 the contribution rate is raised to 15.5%. The share of the employer is not increased, thus increasing the health insurance contribution for employees to 8.5%.

In addition to the defined contribution health insurance may incur additional costs. With many additional health insurance contributions are levied. These were introduced to increase competition among health insurers. A well-serviced the cash must not require any additional contributions. For this reason, take a health insurance comparison.

The health insurance contribution in the private health insurance is individual. Each insured person pays the contribution he has negotiated at the conclusion of the contract. The younger is to be insured, the lower the health insurance contribution. Also Brian contributions during the contract also be increased. Here, the insured has no chance to negotiate. The increases result in a significant cost burden in old age.

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