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Statutory health insurance

statutory health insurance Statutory health insurance

The statutory health insurance in Germany is the rule. All employees with an annual income of less than € 48 000 are covered by statutory health insurance. We are confident that the possibility not at all in the private health insurance change. In the statutory health insurance rises the contribution rate, unlike in the private health insurance, only to income. Thus, pay women and men, young and old, exactly the same contributions. It does not matter whether one is a smoker or has a healthy lifestyle. Currently every employee is charged in the statutory health insurance 14.9% of his income. This contribution rate has increased steadily since the existence of the statutory health insurance. In addition to these costs, the statutory health insurance at all are equal, must pay for some health insurance additional contributions.

Many employees would be higher than the income limit be happy to leave the public health insurance to enroll in a private health insurance to insure yourself with better performance. However, this is not possible for many, as you will be rejected due to their health. In such cases makes sense, a voluntary private insurance to cover certain areas of health.

legal-kv But not only employees are compulsorily insured in the statutory health insurance. Even the job for more than a year have no permanent position to be thrown out of private insurance and must be insured by law. Self-employed and freelancers have the opportunity to volunteer to insure the public health insurance. Many think at first glance, the private health insurance due to higher performance and lower contribution always makes sense, this is a closer look is not always the case. The statutory health insurance for example, offers the family coverage. This means that children up to 18 Age and even beyond existing training, are included in their parents. A family with 3 children charged in the statutory health insurance contributions would therefore only 2, in private health insurance but must also insure each child individually. Thus, then even for top earners, the statutory health insurance is often cheaper than the private.

As with the private health insurance, there is the statutory health insurance significant differences in performance. In the selection of health insurance should be paid to benefits. Seems at first glance, a provider of much better because he willingly pays the Fitnussstudiobeitrag shows, on closer examination, the other important services are not covered. So compare the statutory health insurance and they are considering a change.

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