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The private health insurance is expensive when you get older. Especially for retirees' contributions have much too high. If a pensioner, for example 800, - EUR per month must pay for his health insurance, this is almost always problematic, many older insured can not afford or only those contributions to a lesser extent..

Since 2009, this risk is limited. The private health insurance companies have a uniform base rate from 2009 (before 2009: standard rate) offer. In this tariff may change the insurance over 55 years old and already 10 years with private insurance and whose income is below the income limit.
In addition, all persons may carry more than 65 years old and 10 years of private insurance were to change to this tariff.
New customers can always switch to the base fare. There are no entry requirements at the basic rate!

The cost of the basic rate shall not exceed the maximum cost of health insurance. The maximum contribution is thus at about 570th in 2009 - EUR per month. Anyone who enters the base fare, which receives the same benefits as in the statutory health insurance.

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